Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Kit – 8000Lm 6500K White

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Quick Overview





  • Heat sink feature
  • Easy to install
  • True 6500K Cool White Lighting.
  • High-power CSP chips aid illumination
  • One-year warranty
  • Low beam coverage is excellent
  • Fan to help avoid overheating.


  • High beam coverage isn't as good as low beam
  • May need a load resistor or decoder during installation
  • Fan makes noise even with engine off
  • Not as bright as halogens
  • The bulb is not capable of folding.

The Alla Lighting LED Headlight Kit prides itself to be the most suitable replacement to the halogen light bulbs. The brand also acts on offering the best valuable LED light bulbs for different kinds of customers from car owners to homeowners.

This type of LED lighting adopts the primary light output with a genuine chip scale packaging, aluminum material, and copper heat sink. The copper allows the easy dissipation of heat to extend the lifespan of the product then increasing the lighting distance.

Each two sets of the Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Kit have 6500K LED bulbs. Each bulb has 4000 lumens with no dark spots. The product only offers authentic and high-powered quality.

Although it varies to what kind of vehicle to be installed in, it is mostly compatible with any with a plug-and-play connector. If your vehicle was just recently purchased then you might need to check the compatibility of this LED headlight kit for a better and convenient outcome.


  • Equipped with twelve authentic chip scale package that is high-powered and of premium quality with high illumination.
  • It has a heat sink made of copper and an aluminum material for an increase in light production and lifespan.
  • Equipped with a plug-and-play connector which is user-friendly for any type of vehicle.
  • The product has a one-year warranty.
  • If not satisfied, product offers a 30-day
  • Has a car installation manual for easy reference and guide especially for first timers.
  • Has high illumination light because each bulb has a light output of almost 4000 lumens in normal conditions—a total of 8000 for a set of two.
  • It comes in a cool white color.


  • The heat sink feature allows easy dissipation of heat to prevent any overheating and it also adds to the lifespan of the product and increases the distance of the light being produced.
  • The bulbs are easy to install especially because it has a simple instruction manual included in the kit plus a plug-and-play
  • The lighting is as crystal clear as day since it has a True 6500K Cool White Lighting.
  • The authentic high-power CSP chips aid the light illumination for a bright and clear output.
  • The product has a one-year warranty which is quite long for a LED light product.
  • The low beam coverage is on point.
  • In addition to the heat sink, it has a fan to avoid overheating.


  • The LED light’s high beam coverage does not go well compared to the low beam output.
  • Some new vehicles or European cars may need a load resistor or decoder during installation to prevent error or blinking
  • The fan equipped inside produces a sound even if the engines are off which may be inconvenient for some.
  • May find light output underwhelming compared to halogens depending on the right installation.
  • It needs vehicle model verification to know if the product is suitable for the buyer.
  • The bulb is not capable of folding.


The Alla Lighting LED Headlight Kit is better than halogen bulbs when it comes to energy saving and illumination. It also guarantees a long-lasting service and easy installation but it does not fit all types of vehicles especially on the latest models.

Despite that, there are still ways to make the Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Kit suitable for your own type of vehicle. You just need to be equipped with the right kind of tools and accessories in order to make the proper installation.

For some which do not have a problem, the bulbs are really easy to plug in and they deliver a significant amount of brightness day or night. With its copper heat sink that dissipates the heat emitted by the product, it is safe from overheating. In addition to that, it has a fan.

Possible Alternatives

The Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Kit gives you everything that you pay for from quality to quantity.

Compared to halogen bulbs, it is better because of the brighter light emission and authentic high-power CSP chips, however, if you are contented with the offer of a typical halogen bulb and wanting for a cheaper headlight kit, the halogen is not a bad choice.

Another alternative, especially if you have the latest model of car is to settle for the type of headlight your vehicle already has, whether its halogen, xenon or LED since the Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely

Bright LED Headlight Kit does not guarantee a perfect fit to all kinds of vehicles. In any case, this product can be made to suit your vehicle a decoder or a load resistor to prevent malfunctions.


This product is really a great, practical and long-term investment for your vehicle as it guaranteed to last long. Alla Lighting offers the best value innovating to new versions and latest designs particularly having a high-quality authentic chip scale package which gives out clear and bright illumination.

The product adapts to the original reflection light of your vehicle. The whole aluminum material and copper heat sink enhance the heat dissipation of the bulbs.

This feature contributes a lot to the bulbs giving it long-lasting power. The set comes with one bulb but if you will install it in a vehicle, you will need two bulbs, meaning, two sets for a total of 8000 lumens because the bulbs are  4000 lumens each. Usually, it is just about less than 4000 lumens depending on the working conditions of the bulbs.

The cool white lighting guarantees zero noise when starting up and instant illumine compared to other LED bulbs that warm up when they achieve the full brightness in lighting. Typically, the Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Kit will benefit you more than a standard light bulb or typical halogen bulb.

In normal conditions, the lighting power is very satisfying no matter what time of day and whatever the weather condition for a safe drive.

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