Headlights: LED vs HID—Which is Best?

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Headlights are an essential part of a motor vehicle. How else would you be able to properly see at night, or when it is dark and cloudy due to the weather? You want the best possible headlights for your car, truck, or any other type of motor vehicle. Even a motorcycle needs to have a headlight. You want an affordable, durable, high-quality, bright, long-lasting headlight.

There have been great advancements in headlight technology over the years. Many vehicle's headlights automatically turn on according to how much light there is at the time.

In previous years, halogen headlamps have been the most widely used in motor vehicles. Even to this day, halogen headlights remain the most common and widely used headlight in motor vehicles in the world.

Although, other types of headlights are now being used, HID (high-intensity discharge) lights, and most recently, LED (light emitting diode) lights.

To keep up with the changing times and advancements in headlight technology, people will want to use either HID headlights or LED headlights instead of using classic halogen bulbs. Which headlights are the best to use? LED headlights versus HID lights.

HID headlights

High-intensity discharge, or HID headlights, better known as xenon headlights, are the most commonly used next to halogen bulbs. Actually, people are now using HID lights in place of halogen due to the positive benefits of xenon headlights.

Simply, HID headlights need gas in order to work. In this case, trace amounts of the gas xenon are found in HID or xenon headlights. The gases and metals in the light bulb heat up to produce an extremely bright light.

HID headlights can be up to three times brighter than halogen bulbs, which is one of the main reasons that xenon headlights are being used more and more in motor vehicles.

Yet, some drivers dislike this super bright light and are labeling xenon headlights as nothing more than a distraction to drivers, although, drivers who use HID headlights in their vehicle have much better visibility than those using ordinary halogen headlights.

HID or xenon headlights have a long lifespan. They also radiate very little heat. In all, they are much more efficient than other headlights, and are a high-quality headlight. Their effectiveness is much better than standard halogen bulbs.

When you turn on your HID headlights, the first initial spark of light uses a lot of power. Once that first large zap of power is used, your headlights are in constant operation. HID headlights do not require much energy at all to continue working, producing a very visible bright light.

Remember, HID or Xenon are super bright. You have seen HID headlights frequently when you are driving at night. They emit a bright white light with a bluish colored glow.

LED headlights

After HID headlights became more popular, LED (light emitting diode) headlights came into frequent use. LED headlights need very little power to operate, both initially and continuously. This being said, they are the most energy efficient light for a motor vehicle.

LED lights radiate a rather large amount of heat on the diode; if you don't have a system to control the heat at the bottom of the headlight, other electronic equipment in your vehicle may be negatively affected.

LED lights work by using numerous light emitting diodes to convert electricity from your car into light used in your cars headlights. When first used in cars, they were only used in luxury vehicles due to the cost, however, LED headlights are becoming more affordable as time goes on.

LED headlights are small as well as flexible, allowing them to be formed into multiple shapes. This makes them not only perfect to use in motor vehicle headlights but, also for other needed lights in your motor vehicle.


LED vs HID headlights

Overall, when comparing lights, LED headlights vs HID lights, it is a personal choice at the moment; it comes down to what you as a driver, want and need. HID headlights are a much better option than the ordinary Halogen headlights. Yet, LED headlights are slightly better than HID light due to efficiency, longevity, and overall productivity.

If you need as much light as possible to see, HID headlights are perfect for you. They emit the most light of any headlight available. The downside is it can sometimes be too much for a driver in the opposite lane coming towards you, and the bright light can also reflect off of road signs.

HID headlights are great at letting you see brightly and clearly see everything in front of you and on both sides of the road. They are also more affordable than LED lights.

LED lights are better at clearly seeing road signs and not being too bright as to reflect off of them and not to blind other drivers. LED lights are very easy to install and replace. They are more energy efficient and will last longer than any other headlight.

Since LED lights are becoming more affordable, most new vehicles come with LED headlights. While HID headlights are a very good choice, in the near future, LED lights are going to become the headlight of choice.

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