How Long Do LED Headlights Last?

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Of all the technological improvements through the years, LED headlights became one of the most common instruments made by man. Car manufacturers use them in the automotive industry but only a number of people are actually aware of that advancement and production.

Moreover, some researchers are still developing high-tech ways on how to make headlights more cutting-edge to exceed standards and their competitors.

Take for example the development of LED headlights which originated from a simple headlamp—the components of the headlamp are being innovated to a much more sophisticated lighting system. You can learn more about headlights below.

Halogen Headlights

Halogens are a group of chemical elements consisting of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. They are used in small amounts for incandescent lamps or lights.

This is the best-selling type of headlight in the market. The halogen headlights are in demand because it can last at most a thousand hours under normal conditions and the cost of replacing such is pretty cheap compared to the rest.

Being contained in a glass which is heat-resistant, it is capable of containing gases such as argon and nitrogen together with a tungsten filament.

This obtains the electricity transmitted from the battery of the vehicle and then the temperature increases to about 2,500 degrees Celsius which begins to glow resulting in light. The reason why and how this type of light bulb fades away or stops working is because of the evaporation of the tungsten in the filament.

This process causes the filament to separate through the glass, therefore, becoming dysfunctional and is found out to be inefficient due to this.

However, the big issue about this type of headlight is that it generates radiating light as well as extreme heat simultaneously, hence wasted energy. In addition to that, halogen reacts to certain substances that shorten the lifespan. Great care must be taken into account when doing replacements.

Xenon Headlights

Xenon is a chemical element which has no color, a noble gas with no odor found in the Earth’s atmosphere. Xenon headlights are commonly known as high-intensity discharge headlamps (HIDs) and are believed to be more efficient. It generates a significant amount of light and is also the first option for a number of car companies.

HID lights are somehow similar to those neon tube lights or glow sticks you see in a crowd. These tubes are filled with gases with electrodes from end to end and between is an electric current.

In connection to vehicle headlights, these HID lamps use transparent quartz housing, as well as tungsten electrodes with a combination of gases which stir up high-voltage electric currents going through two electrodes.

Even though a number of gases work together to achieve the perfect light, xenon gas solely works the moment you turn it on and then gradually begins to produce light to full power. This process works in three steps.

And compared to halogen lights which produce 1400 lumens and 30 mcd/m², xenon light bulbs produces 3000 lumens and 90 mcd/m². In addition to that, xenon headlights last twice as long as halogen lights.  Production of xenon lights has progressed to have different designs and sizes to fit different types of cars.

LED Headlights

LED headlights rely on the clash of negative and positive electrons across semiconductors. The process of an electron losing its energy upon dropping onto a surface where it has low energy levels and discharges a photon which goes on thousands of times.

This process can be referred to as electroluminescence. When this happens, you can get a constant bright light emitted through a 2-millimeter wide tube-like container, hence the name LED, meaning light-emitting diode.

This kind of headlight only requires low power to function compared to halogen headlights. LED headlights also enable car manufacturers to play with the designs and assembly to fit conveniently on the vehicles they make.

Laser Headlamps as Headlights

The term laser can be deemed as an advanced technological evolution especially when talking about headlights. Compared to LEDs, laser headlights seem to be a thousand times better since the laser designs are much compact. Despite its popularity, lasers are very dangerous and have limited illumine.

The laser is one of the rising technological discoveries when it comes to light production but it won’t be one where it is too powerful that it passes through your lenses.

What happens is that when the headlight is assembled, it is modified to shoot at a set of small mirrors which centers their energy into small lenses and stores the yellow phosphorous gas.

This type of substance forms a bright white light when introduced to laser beams, therefore, this type of light reflects toward headlights. In other words, it is not the laser light you see directly on the headlights but the light being created by the phosphorous gas and laser encounter which makes it rather safe.

If a malfunction comes up, it just turns off instantly. As mentioned, this kind of light is a thousand times much brighter and effective than light-emitting diodes even when using just half the power. It significantly can last a while.

LED Headlight Kit

How long LED headlights last depends on the kits that are now available in the market, especially for cars which are not equipped with one.

These kits provide you with the lights that may fit and function well in your car so that you can also have the benefits of having efficient lighting for a safe drive.

These kits give the opportunity to those who can’t really afford a luxurious car with a number of LED headlights and cool effects which can last for a long time. When choosing a LED headlight, make sure to pick out the genuine ones that are safe and of good quality.

Typically, there are headlight kits like HID or xenon conversion kits which are not recommended because of the hazards they bring. Try to get kits with actual light bulbs made from the right substances and materials that include harnesses and projectors.

It is also best to have an expert check on them. Fake and illegal LED headlight kits won’t last long but can also cost you a lot of money in the long run.

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