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The Future is LED

LED’s Were Originally Held Back By High Cost:LEDs are fast becoming the standard technology for turn indicators and rear lights. However, there is one factor that causes car manufacturers to hesitate using LEDs, and that is that compared to incandescent lighting LED lighting is more expensive still compared to fixtures.  However, their long life and […]

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How Long Do LED Headlights Last?

Of all the technological improvements through the years, LED headlights became one of the most common instruments made by man. Car manufacturers use them in the automotive industry but only a number of people are actually aware of that advancement and production. Moreover, some researchers are still developing high-tech ways on how to make headlights more […]

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LED Headlight Brands

As a vehicle owner, when you need to switch out your headlights, you may search online and in retail stores for the perfect pair of lights that will fit your vehicle. Since there are many different manufacturers that produce these types of headlights, these decisions can become very difficult at times. If you want to make […]

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